Real C2140-135 Course Materials Help You Prepare C2140-135 Exam Effective

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-135
Exam Name: Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) v7.1

Which widget allows manual entry of text and provides a valid value list?

A.    Combo
B.    List
C.    Popup
D.    Text input

Answer: C

Which statement is true about SSL connection security in HATS?

A.    The connection from Web browser to application server can be encrypted using the SSL tab in the connection editor.
B.    An encrypted connection can be used without importing a certificate if the server certificate is signed by a well-known certificate signer, such as Thawte.
C.    An SSL-secured application can be tested offline using the host simulator facility.
D.    3270, 3270e, 5250, 5250W, and VT connections can be encrypted with SSL.

Answer: B

HATS Web applications can be deployed to Web Sphere Application Server running on which operating systems?

A.    Windows, AIX, IBM i, z/OS, or Linux on z
B.    IBM i or z/OS only
C.    Linux on System i or System z only
D.    Windows or Linux only

Answer: A

Text replacement can be defined at various artifact levels. What is NOT a valid level to define text replacement?

A.    project level
B.    rendering item level
C.    screen customization level
D.    transformation level

Answer: D

To help with debugging HATS applications on a test or production system, a display terminal window can be displayed. Which statement is FALSE about the display terminal window?

A.    Turning on the display terminal option can seriously affect performance or overload the server.
B.    The display terminal functions can be turned on using the extended HATS application button standard.
C.    It is possible to interact with the host application using the host screen in the terminal window.
D.    The display terminal functions can be turned on for any new host connections by selecting the Enable Display Terminal box on the Trace Settings panel.

Answer: B

What happens when a user double-clicks an item in the HATS rich client Applications view?

A.    A new instance of the selected application is opened.
B.    The existing instance of the selected application is activated.
C.    The user is prompted to update the connection settings for the selected application.
D.    The user is shown a list of all running instances of the application.

Answer: A

Real C2140-135 Course Materials Help You Prepare C2140-135 Exam Effective