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What should the architect consider to increase the security of the current authentication solution?

A.    Adding a second authentication factor
B.    Placing domain controllers in the DMZ for remote users
C.    Shortening the Active Directory password expiration period
D.    Populating the RDS user profile path in the Active Directory user accounts

Answer: D

Which aspect of the new storage system’s performance requirements is critical to the success of the project and should be determined before any purchase takes place?

A.    Whether it supports automatic tiering
B.    The number of SSD drives it will hold
C.    Whether 8Gb/s Fibre Channel or 10Gb/s Ethernet technology provides more storage bandwidth
D.    The number of IOPS it must support to host the required amount of pooled and dedicated virtual desktops

Answer: A

The architect needs to evaluate the options for replicating user profiles across all sites. Which two pieces of information should the architect collect to analyze the options? (Choose two.)

A.    WAN traffic
B.    License requirements
C.    Storage infrastructure
D.    Database configuration

Answer: BD

What are two potential risks in the existing environment that the architect must address in the proposed virtual solution? (Choose two.)

A.    Local profiles are used and administrators manually delete them when necessary.
B.    Installation of PositivelyPeople is performed manually based on a thoroughly documented process.
C.    No logon scripts are enabled for users because the company abandoned logon scripts last year in favor of GPOs.
D.    Users log on to the company environment based on Active Directory credentials, but the PositivelyFinance application requires secondary credentials.

Answer: AB

Scenario: Users from a remote research lab have very limited WAN bandwidth to their nearest datacenter. The users need to print over the WAN. What should an architect recommend to optimize printer bandwidth?

A.    Optimize WAN traffic through CloudBridge.
B.    Increase the WAN bandwidth through a WAN link upgrade.
C.    Restrict overall session bandwidth through a HDX bandwidth policy.
D.    Restrict printer redirection bandwidth through a HDX bandwidth policy.

Answer: A

PassLeader Offer The Highest Coverage Rate Of Real 1Y0-400 Exam Questions