[OFFER PDF] Cisco Press – Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM Firewall Handbook, 2nd Edition

Published: Aug 9, 2007  | Copyright 2008  | Dimensions: 7-3/8×9-1/8  | Pages: 912  | Edition: 2nd

Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM Firewall Handbook, Second Edition, is a guide for the most commonly implemented features of the popular Cisco® firewall security solutions. Fully updated to cover the latest firewall releases, this book helps you to quickly and easily configure, integrate, and manage the entire suite of Cisco firewall products, including ASA, PIX®, and the Catalyst® Firewall Services Module (FWSM).

Organized by families of features, this book helps you get up to speed quickly and efficiently on topics such as file management, building connectivity, controlling access, firewall management, increasing availability with failover, load balancing, logging, and verifying operation.

  • Learn about the various firewall models, user interfaces, feature sets, and configuration methods
  • Understand how a Cisco firewall inspects traffic
  • Configure firewall interfaces, routing, IP addressing services, and IP multicast support
  • Maintain security contexts and flash and configuration files, manage users, and monitor firewalls with SNMP
  • Authenticate, authorize, and maintain accounting records for firewall users
  • Control access through the firewall by implementing transparent and routed firewall modes, address translation, and traffic shunning
  • Define security policies that identify and act on various types of traffic with the Modular Policy Framework
  • Increase firewall availability with firewall failover operation
  • Understand how firewall load balancing works
  • Generate firewall activity logs and learn how to analyze the contents of the log
  • Verify firewall operation and connectivity and observe data passing through a firewall
  • Configure Security Services Modules, such as the Content Security Control (CSC) module and the Advanced Inspection Processor (AIP) module

Cisco Press – Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM Firewall Handbook, 2nd Edition eBook PDF Free Download

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