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Which requirement for the web browser is used for Web Voicemail access?

A.    ActiveX
B.    VoiceMail Plug-In enabled
C.    Adobe Reader installed
D.    JavaScript enabled

Answer: D

In the IP Office Manager program, which statement describes a condition that will enable the display of the Voicemail Recording tab?

A.    An Essential Edition is included in the IP Office.
B.    Voicemail Pro/Lite is selected in the IP Office.
C.    Voicemail Pro is running on a Linux machine.
D.    The IP Office system is a Server Edition.

Answer: B

A user at a remote IP Office site calls in to discuss a voicemail issue. You launch the Manager program to see your multi-site IP Office network, but only your local IP Office appears. What is causing this problem?

A.    The WAN connections are down.
B.    The remotes are doing a reboot.
C.    The Unit/Broadcast address is
D.    Your login is not correct.

Answer: A

You have just plugged in a new IP500v2, and you look at its Dashboard display to see the new device. No telephones are plugged into the unit. Why are two ports in one of the modules green?

A.    IAH1 and LAN2 are transmitting and receiving.
B.    The device has power and passed self-test.
C.    The operating system is up, and someone is administering the system.
D.    There is a Combo Card in the chassis.

Answer: A

The modems in fax machines have trouble with VoIP. Which product is used to overcome this problem?

A.    RFC 7832
B.    T.38
C.    X509
D.    RTP Relay

Answer: B

Which of the following provides the ability for a device to use screenpops, control several telephone devices, make 3rd party calls, and monitor hunt group queues?

A.    One-X Portal
B.    3rd Party Endpoint licenses
C.    TAPILink Pro License
D.    SIPTrunking
E.    Server Edition

Answer: C

Which IP Office feature is required to initiate screen pops, where the caller ID triggers a computer to open a record related to that number?

A.    UMS
B.    TAPILink Lite
C.    Outlook Plugin
D.    IMAP

Answer: B

You are installing a Server Edition. The New Hardware screen detects the presence of a second hard drive. For which application is this normally used?

A.    One-X?Portal
B.    Call Detail Records
C.    Avaya Contact Recorder
D.    Voicemail Pro
E.    Web Services

Answer: D