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In the vRealize Orchestrator client, where can an administrator view the workflow and repair validation errors?

A.    Run tab in workflow editor
B.    Validation tab in workflow editor
C.    Workflow tab in workflow editor
D.    Schema tab in workflow editor

Answer: C

A user receives a submission page with a red exclamation when attempting to submit a request. Which option best explains this behavior?

A.    The approver has NOT approved the request.
B.    The user exceeded the allowable resources for that request.
C.    Actions have NOT been assigned to that item.
D.    The user is NOT entitled to that resource.

Answer: B

Which two items are required for an administrator to successfully create a vSphere reservation? (Choose two.)

A.    A reservation policy
B.    A business group
C.    A compute resource
D.    A network profile

Answer: BC

What specific action must an administrator take before deleting an approval policy?

A.    Deprecate the policy
B.    Unpublish the policy
C.    Deactivate the policy
D.    Decomission the policy

Answer: C

Which are three valid scenarios based on the image? (Choose three.)

A.    The subscriptions will be run based on priority in ascending order.
B.    The priority helps to run the subscriptions in a deterministic order.
C.    There is no default timeout value.
D.    The default timeout is 5 minutes.
E.    Priority and timeout values are needed for subscription blocking.

Answer: ADE

Which two administrator types will be set up during the configuration of a new tenant? (Choose two.)

A.    Tenant Administrators
B.    Infrastructure Administrators
C.    Business Group Administrators
D.    Approval Administrators

Answer: AB

Which three administrator roles can edit system-wide settings? (Choose three.)

A.    System Administrator
B.    Infrastructure Administrator
C.    Fabric Administrator
D.    Approval Administrator
E.    Business Group Manager

Answer: ABC

Which two statements are true when configuring redundant, high availability vRealize Automation proxy agents for one vCenter Endpoint? (Choose two.)

A.    Agent names must be identical.
B.    Agent configurations must include different vSphere credentials.
C.    Agent configurations must be identical.
D.    Agent named must have the same root with the extension 01 and 02.

Answer: AC

The vRealize Orchestrator Server Configuration for XaaS activity needs to be pointed to an external server for all current and future tenants. The default server configuration is currently in use. Which two options accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Log into the default tenant as a system administrator.
B.    Configure the external vRO connection under the Infrastructure tab.
C.    Log into the default tenant as a tenant administrator.
D.    Configure the external vRO connection under the Administration tab.

Answer: AD

An external vRealize Orchestrator is being configured to automate items in vRealize Automation. The plug- in is installed, but an administrator is still unable to automate items in vRA. Which two items below will enable vRO to automate items in vRA, including aspects of laaS? (Choose two.)

A.    Add an IaaS host to vRO using the workflow.
B.    Edit the plug-in interface to add the vRA host information.
C.    Add a vRO endpoint in vRA.
D.    Add a vRA host to vRO using the workflow.

Answer: AC

What is required to allow an XaaS blueprint to provision objects that can be managed from the Items tab?

A.    A resource action has been created.
B.    A machine blueprint has been created.
C.    A software component has been created.
D.    A custom resource has been created.

Answer: D

Which three scenarios are available for the IaaS database installation in a distributed vRealize Automation environment? (Choose three.)

A.    Prepare an empty database and use the installer to populate the database schema.
B.    Prepare an empty database and download the database schema from the appliance.
C.    Create scripts for the installation wizard to use in creating the database.
D.    Use the installation wizard to create the database.
E.    Create the database using the provided database scripts.

Answer: ADE

Which two components are delivered by a load-balanced vRealize Automation virtual appliance? (Choose two.)

A.    Proxy Agent
B.    DEM Worker
C.    Identity Manager
D.    vRealize Orchestrator

Answer: CD

Which two areas of the vRealize Automation User Interface could a Fabric Administrator examine to determine current consumption of compute and storage resources? (Choose two.)

A.    Infrastructure > Compute Resources
B.    Infrastructure > Reservation Policies
C.    Home
D.    Administration > Business Groups

Answer: AB

Which option would explain why expected compute resources are unlisted while creating a fabric group?

A.    The endpoint containing the compute resources is enabled for data collection.
B.    The compute resources have been reserved to a business group.
C.    The endpoint containing the compute resources is NOT configured.
D.    The compute resources have already been assigned to another fabric group.

Answer: C

After failing a distributed installation using the installation wizard, which option would permit an administrator to roll back and attempt the installation again?

A.    Reboot the vRealize Automation appliance.
B.    Revert to the snapshots taken during the installation process.
C.    The installation will restart automatically.
D.    Select the rollback option provided in the wizard at the time of the failure.

Answer: A

An approval policy has been created for use with a catalog item named CentOSWeb. The item is assigned to the LinuxServers service which is included in the current entitlement. The approval policy should NOT be triggered for any of the other current or future items in the LinuxServers service. Which three steps would assign the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item and produce the minimum number of entitlements? (Choose three.)

A.    Create a new entitlement.
B.    Confirm that the entitlement is active.
C.    Add the CentOSWeb item to the entitlement under Entitled Items.
D.    Add the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item.
E.    Add the LinuxServers service under Entitled Services.

Answer: BCD

What is the correct method for adjusting an existing approval policy that is assigned?

A.    Edit the existing policy and update the policy version number.
B.    Copy the policy, edit the copy, and assign the new copy of the policy.
C.    Create a new policy, delete the old policy, then assign the new policy.
D.    Export the policy, edit in an XML editor, and import the policy.

Answer: B

What is a custom resource?

A.    Custom resources are new provisioned items that attach to a service.
B.    Custom resources configure post-provisioning operations that users can perform on provisioned items.
C.    Custom resources are a type of provisioned item mapped to an existing vRealize Orchestrator object type.
D.    Custom resources configure the properties of blueprints using VMware vSphere endpoints.

Answer: B
https://pubs.vmware.com/vra-62/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vrealize-automation-62-advanced-service-design.pdf (page 32)

In a multisite environment, vRealize Automation is deployed in Site A and will be provisioning virtual machines through the vCenter server in Site B. Which action would improve data collection performance?

A.    Install DEM Workers to Site B.
B.    Install Proxy Agent in Site B.
C.    Install DEM Workers to Site A.
D.    Install Proxy Agent in Site A.

Answer: B

Which option would explain why servers become unavailable during a vRealize Automation installation when the install wizard is fixing the prerequisites on the Windows IaaS servers?

A.    One or more of the fixes for the prerequisites requires a reboot.
B.    IPSec must be disabled on all Windows systems to prevent connection issues.
C.    The vRA appliance disconnects the servers as part of the registration.
D.    The IaaS integration service must be restarted due to instability.

Answer: A

Which option would explain why an error message is displayed when the vRealize Automation Software architect attempts to add the Load Init Data software component?

A.    The software component has syntax errors.
B.    The software component is NOT published.
C.    The software component’s container is NOT properly defined.
D.    The software component action has an incorrect script type.

Answer: C

What are the three mandatory steps for creating a new Tenant in vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure custom branding
B.    Configure local user(s)
C.    Specify Tenant information
D.    Appoint Tenant administrator(s)
E.    Configure Tenant specific email servers

Answer: ABC

Which option is required for vRealize Automation to integrate with VMware NSX?

A.    vRealize Automation NSX Plug-In
B.    vRealize Orchestrator SOAP Plug-In
C.    vRealize Orchestrator NSX Plug-In
D.    vRealize Orchestrator vSphere Plug-In

Answer: C

Which two statements are correct regarding vRealize Automation nested blueprints? (Choose two.)

A.    When working in an outer blueprint, an administrator CANNOT drag and drop a software component onto a machine component within a nested blueprint.
B.    Transport zone settings defined in the outer blueprints override transport zone settings defined in nested blueprints.
C.    If a user is entitled to the top-most blueprint and NOT the inner blueprint(s), vRA will display an error.
D.    All networking and security components in outer blueprints can be associated with machines that are defined in nested blueprints.

Answer: BD

Which are two valid scenarios related to vRealize Automation Extensibility Lifecycles? (Choose two.)

A.    All properties must be specified.
B.    In Extensibility Lifecycle, the virtual machine properties are passed to subscription workflows by default.
C.    The current value will pass all properties.
D.    Virtual machine properties are passed to subscription workflows by using the property Extensibility.Lifecycle Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine.

Answer: CD

What is one reason provisioning would fail when deploying a catalog item with nested blueprints using cloned virtual machines?

A.    One of the approvers has NOT responded to the approval request.
B.    The entitlement does NOT have the nested blueprint as one of the entitled items.
C.    The virtual machine template used in the nested blueprint does NOT exist in any of the reservations for that user.
D.    The template virtual machine has more snapshots than vRealize Automation allows.

Answer: C

A user is able to remove virtual machines from their Items tab but the user is unable to remove an entire deployment. What would explain this behavior?

A.    The user has had their entitlement to the deployment removed.
B.    The user is missing the Destroy Deployment action on their entitlement.
C.    The lease to the deployment has expired.
D.    The user is missing the Destroy Deployment action on their service.

Answer: B

Which are two accepted uses for vRealize Orchestrator workflows? (Choose two.)

A.    Add a vRealize Automation Azure Endpoint
B.    Automate vRealize Automation using REST
C.    Day 2 Operations in vRealize Automation
D.    Automate vRealize Automation using RabbitMQ

Answer: AB

An approval policy can be applied to which two options? (Choose two.)

A.    A catalog service
B.    A catalog user
C.    An event
D.    An action

Answer: AD

Which messaging system does the vRealize Automation Event Broker System use?

A.    JBoss Messaging
B.    OpenJMS
C.    RabbitMQ
D.    ActiveMQ

Answer: C

A fabric administrator has assigned three resource reservations to the same business group where two reservations belong to the same reservation policy. How does this configuration impact the environment?

A.    Business group managers can only add items to the catalog that are assigned to the reservation policy.
B.    Users will be able to choose the reservation policy when requesting to provision a machine.
C.    Fabric administrators can use the reservation policy to restrict the resources used by the business group.
D.    Blueprint authors can use the reservation policy to restrict the provisioning of machines to a subset of resources.

Answer: D

The machine prefix infra_server_ was created for the IT business group. The machines being provisioned are named IT0001, IT0002, etc. Which option could account for this behavior?

A.    The requestor was NOT a member of the Group Manager Role.
B.    The IT business group does NOT have a Default Machine Prefix defined.
C.    Another machine prefix was assigned to the endpoint.
D.    The machine prefix was NOT enabled.

Answer: B

What is the vRealise Orchestrator Plug-In installer file extension?

A.    .vro
B.    .exe
C.    .dat
D.    .vmoapp

Answer: D
https://pubs.vmware.com/horizon-7-view/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.using.horizon-vro-plugin.doc%2FGUID-A284500A-B0C1-46EA-A8B1-7AE3B0B354C7.html (prerequisites)

Which two area of the vRealize Automation UI could a Fabric Administrator look to determine how many virtual machines have been provisioned by a specific user along with their aggregate allocated memory and storage totals? (Choose two.)

A.    Infrastructure > Managed Machines
B.    Home
C.    Infrastructure > Reservations
D.    Infrastructure > Compute Resources

Answer: AD

Which vCloud Air authorization level is required to add vCloud Air as an Endpoint in vRealize Automation?

A.    VPC User
B.    End User Role
C.    Read-only Administrator
D.    Virtual Infrastructure Administrator

Answer: D

Which three roles are available to assign when configuring user access to the Business Management tab in vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)

A.    Business Management Controller
B.    Business Management Cloud Comparison
C.    Business Management Administrator
D.    Business Management Pricing Manager
E.    Business Management Read Only

Answer: ACE
http://pubs.vmware.com/vrealizebusinessstd-6.0/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vRealizeStd-Install-6.0.pdf (page 21)

A vRealize Automation Tenant Administrator has identified a virtual machine with low resource utilization. The owner has been given 5 days to respond to the reclamation request. The blueprint used to build the virtual machine has an archive period of 10 days and there are 21 days left in the original machine lease. If the owner responds today confirming the virtual machine is no longer needed, how many days will elapse before the virtual machine is destroyed?

A.    10 days
B.    31 days
C.    21 days
D.    Today

Answer: A

What is one reason why a resource mapping would need to be created?

A.    To map a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type to a custom machine type
B.    To map an XaaS blueprint to a resource action
C.    To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a resource action
D.    To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type

Answer: D

What construct is used to organize the catalog into discrete categories?

A.    Blueprints
B.    Entitlements
C.    Services
D.    Resources

Answer: C
https://pubs.vmware.com/vra-62/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vrealize-automation-62-foundations-and-concepts.pdf (page 22)

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